Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Breakfast Revolution

Having breakfast in bed has always been a good way to pamper someone... to say "I love you", "I'm sorry", "The kids are out... let's...". We all need that moment when nothing in this world can bother us or stop us from loving and having a good time with our +1... or ourselves !  

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Marilyn knew how to spoil herself.. apart from diamonds she would also enjoy a nice breakfast in bed!

So... I bet you all have already tried the Room Service at the hotels and posted a picture saying "voilà my little auto gift today: Breakfast in bed!". What about doing it too at home? Why should we travel and wait for this "Room Service" moment to make it happen if we can order it now here in town? 

Ptit Dej Ô Lit has thought about us and they offer the same (if not much better) in-bed breakfast selection that you could find at a 5 stars hotel, the only difference is that you will enjoy it at your OWN BED!

It's very simple... check out their site and order your breakfast! They deliver 7/7 in Geneva. 

I was surprised to see that they also offer Gluten Free and Bio breads... and what about the champagne? why not? Don't let the bad weather ruin your free day and start a sparkling sunday! 

Pancakes, omelets, pains au chocolats and a selection of bakery by Cartier Versoix... who can resist to their famous madeleines aux amandes???

For the "diet addicts" you have a choice of minis waiting for you... mini brioche, mini croissant... so you can remain mini while your +1 becomes maxi :) 

And last but not least... was happily surprised to see that they even have the Uzume bracelets to offer you! Start the day happy, relaxed, spoiled and always with a positive attitude... that will be the key for a successful day! 

Oh... to all the Office Managers in town... you can also order Ptit Dej Ô Lit at the office! :) 

I hope you like it... have a wonderful breakfast! 

By EM.

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